Au Pair-Assist …

… a comprehensive service for Australian Families hosting AuPairs from overseas.

On our sites you will find a heap of information how to find a suitable AuPair for your family needs and settle the AuPair into your family successfully to the benefit of all but mainly the children.

12mths stay

Au Pair-Assist has been established to assist families as a mentor on their journey of hosting au pairs. It does not matter, whether you found the au pair yourself or with the help of an agency. We will guide, help and support every step of the way to make it a valuable experience to provide a nurturing environment for the children. On our sites you will find a wealth of information about the planning process, how to search for your Au Pair, which questions to ask and how to ensure that the Au Pair has done all the research and is well prepared for this big adventure. We also provide a free service for au pairs to make it even easier to concentrate on finding the right match, knowing the formalities are taken care of.

We are specialising in advice to host families how to find the most suitable Au Pair for their specific family needs. Through our membership pages you will have access to guides, checklists, forms, templates, rates for pocket money and a heap more information and personal advice where needed. We have extended our service with Facebookgroups for easy access to our information – all downloadable.

Our service is complemented by www.aupair-assist.net for AuPairs and if AuPairs are coming from Germany by  www.aupair-assist.de, our German site, where AuPairs will find all relevant information what to organize before coming to Australia. Information ranges from visa application, health and liability insurance, flight offers through to information about jet lag and culture shock up to checklists and questionnaires which helps them to settle in with ease.

You can request a complete reference check which includes childcare references, a character reference, a thorough medical assessment and a comprehensive police check with a WWC (working with children check).

We are the only service in Australia who actually provides the overseas WWC which starts from the age of 14 of the prospective AuPair from the EU.


As a fact, German speaking girls (and German Granny-AuPairs) are the majority in Australia. We are the best contact in Australia if you are hosting a German AuPair as we are happy to mediate between you and your AuPair if the road gets a little bumpy, as we speak fluent German.

However, if you follow the planning process and interview guidelines, it is not likely that mediation is needed.


You might have experienced the waste of time after speaking to several AuPairs realizing that they might not be eligible for the visa, do not have sufficient funds or when already living with you are not covered by a health insurance (available through Au Pair-Assist) or simply cannot cope with big city life or remote areas.

Major problems are caused when your AuPair accidently damages your property. Au Pair-Assist offers German AuPairs a comprehensive liability insurance which keeps your mind at ease as accidents/breakage in the host families home are covered.
Important to know: The liability insurance of your AuPair covers YOU for all damages to YOUR property by an AuPair! The extra cost is only a little over 7 EUR per month; a small price for peace of mind – your mind, just insist they bring it, you can always offer to pay for it.

Before you enter into any lengthy communication with a potential German AuPair about what is needed to become an AuPair in Australia, simply guide them to www.aupair-assist.de for their research and all necessary links. All others can be referred to our international site.


As a family you will like our offer for an AuPair-Online course, which will prepare the young ladies well for their new tasks as it is in English, Australia specific and gives the AuPair a range of childcare and house duty vocabulary at hand, which will make communication much easier. This course is open to AuPairs from all countries.


If you are prepared to give an AuPair with more basic English a chance, also here we can help out with an English online course, which covers quite a bit of childcare related topics. This course is open to AuPairs from all countries too and if your are unsure about the English of an AuPair you like, we do offer English assessment.


With our reference service we provide forms for the AuPairs for

  • character and
  • childcare references as well as
  • a medical form.

The forms are available in both English and German and therefore will be easy to be filled out by referees. We can check all references for you and with the addition of

  • a comprehensive police certificate, including a working with children check

we will issue a confirmation in form of a Reference Certificate.
Membership is open to all Australian Families. Besides some extra information (contracts, work schedule, car use agreements etc.) and discounts for the AuPair-Online course, the extra advantage is that Au Pair-Assist will function as a mediator or simply clarify some misunderstandings due to culture or language if this arises.
You have the option of full membership with personalised one-on-one help or our Mini-Membership, which works on a DIY basis where you are just happy to draw from our extensive library and discuss your queries in our exclusive family forum.